Lymelight – The Story of Freeskieer Angeli VanLaanen and Her Battle Against Lyme

Angeli is an amazing freeskiier that made quite a comeback in Sochi 2014 after battling Lyme Disease. Along with being a brave advocate for others, she has developed a real name for herself in the Lyme community by starring in a documentary posted below. After watching the video, I decided that the word inspirational should be tattooed on her forehead (not that that would be a great look ; )).

The direct link to the video can be found at the bottom of the page, along with Angeli’s website: a great resource. My final rave review of this freeskiier goes out to her holistic plan of healing. She took the concept of wellness to another level. Congrats and wishing you luck in your future training, Angeli!

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One thought on “Lymelight – The Story of Freeskieer Angeli VanLaanen and Her Battle Against Lyme

  1. Angeline, You are such a courageous lady and I give praise to God that you found a wonderful doctor who got you back on skies in just a few years after diagnosis. My Granddaughter started swimming competitively at about 3 or 4. A tick was found in-bedded under her skin at 5 and she had the rash and the short antibiotic course that her hometown doctor used following CDC guild-lines. She started to have frequent sinus infections at about 9 and at 11 after swim practice she passed out in the change room. Her white count was in the 700’s so they blamed the antibiotic which FDA guild lines shows as a side effect for that drug. She ended up having surgery for her sinuses then going into Paroxysmal Orthostatic Tachycardia. With in a short time her small intestine stopped working so they started looking harder at food allregies, etc. When nothing the Pediatric Gastroenterologist did helped she was referred back to her Cardiac doctor from the same facility – National Childrens’ Hospital in DC. Her original test(EIA) they did several years earlier was negative but they then went further and did the IFA and found she had Lyme disease and had it for 10 years by then. Jocie is now 16 and has missed most of middle and high school life. She is in a good state and has teachers come to the home and she does some classes on line but it isn’t the same as being in school. Like you her friends don’t understand but unlike you she has lost contact with them because of her inability to tolerate much time out. She does all that she can do in P T and T but the disease has hit her brain and she is terrified. Her state (VA) during all this passed a law that doctors can’t treat Lyme disease but a couple of months with antibiotics. This was the luckiest thing I believe because now she travels into DC get treatment from a very experienced clinic. We are praying that she will be able to go back to school in the Fall but at this time . . .
    Thank you for your ear and may your recovery continue and I hope to see you in the next Olympics. God Bless


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