Super Sized Sentiments

I’m a sensitive person by nature. Feelings flood my body without warning. Maybe I lack emotional dams… or I’ve had a lot of rainy weather internally. Regardless, every sentiment is super sized (my boyfriend is reading over my shoulder laughing … you can imagine what this means for him).

My super sized sentiments have blessed me with some amazing experiences and memories. I remember when I climbed up Yosemite Falls, and glanced over the edge. My heart jumped off the observation point and soared across the sky with a hawk. Every cell in my body expressed proteins of peace and love (yes, I’m a little crunchy), and I felt like giving the world a giant hippie hug.

On the other side of the coin, I can hurt and fear with an undesirable level of intensity. For this reason, I sit on my yoga mat everyday. I breathe and (I attempt to) rein it all in. On the days I feel the sickest, I tend to catastrophize. Fear carries around a giant megaphone (with great acoustics) telling me “you better throw in the towel because it’s just going to get worse from here.” Oh God, I think. The first day of the REST. OF. MY. LIFE. I better get used to feeling weak and miserable (oh the drama).

But guess what happens instead (and I forget this every time I feel like crap)? The pain, the weakness AND the fear fade away. I inevitably circle back to a good day or a hopeful thought that lifts my spirit. Then I remember that every sentiment is temporary. Life and existence are fluid, as are the difficult experiences. Goal: Maintain super sized perspective on bad days.


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