Lyme Disease Challenge – Participate!

Want to participate in #LymeDiseaseChallenge? Read below and post your photo or video on social media. Everyone that has Lyme disease needs to be actively involved in order to get the collective voice heard. You can do it! Visit

Check out Louise’s photos all the way from London! Read her awesome blog Divorced, Diseased & Dangerous. She runs a support network for patients with Lyme disease in the UK. Go Louise!
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2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease Challenge – Participate!

  1. I did my challenge and posted it all over social media. I also made an infographic out of it.

    It wont let me post a photo in this comment and if I post a long facebook link it’ll probably mark it as spam. If you’re interested in it though I can email or twitter or facebook the pics to you. The infographic is called ‘things that make you go hmm’ and says ‘6 times more people get Lyme disease each year in the US than HIV, yet Lyme receives less than 1% of the research funding.”. With me pulling a funny face holding a lime. 😀


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