Two Steps Forward … Three Steps Back

Well the battle continues while sitting inside my townhouse for the 9 thousandth millionth day of treatment (just let me be dramatic). Apparently the progress you make will come back and bite you in the a%^. The medication helped some of my chest pain and started to lower my blood pressure, which is great. Today, however, I walked out my front door to give my dog a little entertainment only to discover that I can’t feel my left foot, thigh and part of my cheek (the one on my face … my tush is intact .. thank goodness). My first instinct was to pinch everything, which really got me nowhere. This led to panic (which I do a lot). Then, I realized that I’ve had this feeling before, just a lot less intense.

I wrote a few of my Lyme friends, and apparently this is par for the course. I feel like I’m regressing, but they counter that this could be the spirochetes hiding in my nervous system where there is less blood flow. I’ve got a lot of antibiotics in my system in addition to antimicrobial herbs, so perhaps they’ve taken cover. Neuroborreliosis is nothing new … but no one can prepare you for the fear when it manifests in some new way. I feel like the subject of some cruel science experiment. Signing out.


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