Onward and Upward

The most beautiful gift life can give you is hope. Over the last few weeks my progress has been steady … I’m more hopeful now than I have been since my treatment began in November of 2014. I managed to spend time with my father checking out the art scene for the first time in Durham where I live. I took a flight to New York for my sister’s baby shower. Despite one day of muscle weakness, I had a fantastic time. I felt free!!! Finally, my mother came back to Durham with me, where I spent more afternoons outside of my townhouse. She had a horrific virus that I didn’t manage to get. So, GO IMMUNE SYSTEM!

For anyone interested, here’s how progress with Lyme has manifested for me:

  • My blood pressure–both systolic and diastolic–averages 10 points lower (20 points on good days)
  • My irregular heartbeat has disappeared
  • My joints are less painful
  • My thoughts are less cloudy
  • Surges of panic are few and far between
  • I’m not out of breath when I walk
  • The vibration in my body is less intense
  • Tinnitus is quieter
  • Lung pain has decreased
  • Myalgia is less intense
  • A few lymph nodes are smaller
  • Rare muscle twitching
  • Pressure in my head has decreased

It feels good to know that my body is still my own : )

Next week I will be heading into the hyberbaric oxygen chamber Monday – Thursday. Will provide details on the experience.


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