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I haven’t written in a while. A long while. Man! I hit a wall. That’s why. I guess I got tired of detailing my treatments and progress because I realized I was stuck with all of this for longer than a couple of years (as evidenced by my lack of a social life and delicious bottles of merlot in the cupboard). Sickness is a way of life now. It eats with me, sleeps with me, runs and yogas with me, but it’s also my friend in that weird kind of way that an illness can be your buddy (??? I don’t know what I’m saying).

What has happened since I last wrote …

Hmmm. I was bit by a tick again in June 2016. That was just peachy. Wheelchair, oxygen, night sweats … the whole deal. Then I got better. Because that’s what I do. My mom helped a lot with that and a team of amazing health practitioners.

To address questions related to HBOT: I didn’t follow through with long-term treatment. I went in for about 20 dives. I didn’t notice much of a difference. But, really, I should have gone in for about 50-90 dives if I wanted to see something happen to my body. 

Right now I’m committed to IV Ozone therapy and UVB (in combination with a slew of drugs and natural treatments). 100% in! I will check back every few weeks or so. I just started, so there isn’t much to report. The nurse that I work with however is my main inspiration. She was disabled and out of work for 13 years due to similar infections. She is now completely in remission. She isn’t symptomatic, works full-time and got her life back completely.

On my list for when I’m better (and have a savings account again):

1. Backpacking in Swiss Alps

2. Van camping through New Zealand

3. Ice hiking in Patagonia

4. Snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef

5. Hostel hopping through Europe

6. Hiking the final leg of the Pacific Crest Trail

7. Learning how to windsurf

8. Surfing/Yoga retreat in Bali

9. Who’s with me?!!!!




2 thoughts on “IV Ozone

  1. Praying for you and me and for all of us attacked with this lousy thing; So grateful i found your site, had to be God! Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your journey, bc most of us out here dealing with this, we don’t have a doc near us, and i really need help with that. You;re a special girl, taking out time when you feel the best you can to write this site; i’m not a techie and can only sit at computer an hour or so bc of the pain and brain fog, just printed out the symptoms and sources you used for that. (going to my doc, he’s an md,l nice enough, but no knowledge, 12 minute visit with you, and he writes the Rx’s i need, tho the pain meds which i was able to decrease to 2 a day (2005, i was on 6-8 a day plus a Fentynal pain patch; i had to quit work, as i collapsed there, and tho i rarely left the house, i was able to do a few things around the house and bathe daily, etc.)

    Now, after moving 3 times in 7 months, i cannot even think enough to unpack, hypervigilence in mind and body (also have Pyrolle Disorder, but the B6 that my brain needs, the B’s bring more neuro-excitatory junk, my body can’t relax, it has been a real test of my faith, i can’t even unpack, it’s been 3 months….

    Dx’ed 2015, but i know it was since a little girl (i’ 63 now, and plagues with illnesses since 1992) I remember my mom and grammy digging ‘something’ out of my chest as a little girl at the NJ shore, they didnt want to scare me,, but when i collapsed in 1992 for 13 plus years in bed, my mom (who is decesed 15 years, i miss her) kept asking me WHY won’t they test you for Lyme??? Had moved to FL in 1978, and ‘they’ said, we don’t have deer ticks in south FL. We moved to N. Florida, and crappy testing came out negative.

    Got a reprieve for a few years of everything but the anxiety and pain issues, it was God, healed many peripheral things including Lupus…Praise Him!

    Made a huge mistake in 2013 and left w hubby and moved to GA which is where all the old symptoms came flooding back and tons of new ones. Spent all our money on genetic testing, and got 2 strains positive on ELISA (IG something), Lyme which just so happened to be from North Atlantc infected seagulls. the naturopath had no knowledge that i was raised in NJ.

    The traumas that happened in GA, namely, the ministry we moved there for in the middle of nowhere, ended up being a cult. Spiritual abuse is worse than all the other abuses added up, and i’ve experienced them all, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc…
    When i was younger, i was more resilient, but i just don’t know where to turn, what to do, i know God has made special people and special docs with compassion, but i have no idea where to begin.
    (BTW, the naturopath in GA, he was on other side of Atlanta, we’d have to stay overnight in motel so i could make the trip and visit, i paid him for a full recovery program, he dumped me after his frustration that i could not take the B’s he wanted me to take, i couldnt believe it, all about money he and his 9 ‘masterminds’ as they call themselves.

    But, i got the Dx thru him from a specialty lab in CA; now, trying to convince a doc with no knowledge here in the midst of all this, they say, o, that test isn’t conclusive, etc. After months of laying in bed, listening to summits (with minimal comprehension for 4 years now), i know without a doubt all the other symptoms are Lyme..

    Thanks for reading this, if you can lead me to some Lyme taught literate doc, i just leave the house maybe 1 x a week if i can, and had not driven a car until recently and cant drive too far; My husband who is 67 has had to start working after 5 years of forced retirement, we have spent his entire 40`k on all this calamity; He works part time, is obviously ‘over’ all the money we’ve had to spend, so i’m praying for a doc not too far, that will hit the high mark.

    Thanks for your help, bless you
    O, ps, on the Lyme Summit a month or so ago, a Dr. Dietrich somebody is using Ultrasound, he is in NW united states, but that treatment locates the PLACE the Lyme has lodged,
    Brain, Brain Stem, Vagus Nerve, Lumbar, Organs, wherever, and not only does it Dx, but safely vibrates the bad stuff in the cells, and then a PCB, i think a urine test, measures how much of the Lyme was released; This doc said that the training for this cutting edge treatment is simple, and this seems to make so much sense to me, not touching our good cells, but increasing good mitochondria stuff while removing the lyme.

    Bless you, hope to hear from you soon,
    thanks so much,\


    • Barbara, My heart goes out to you. Honestly, what suffering you’ve endured physically, mentally and spiritually. It is really hard to understand just how horrible this disease (or diseases most of the time) is until you’ve had it … walked around for a day in one of our bodies. It’s a nightmare. I believe very strongly in God too, and I pray that you are relieved of this soon. I will look up some docs. It would help to know where you are … do you have an email?


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