Treatment Update


Continuing to receive IV treatments with UVB twice a week. After infusions I have zombie-level exhaustion, which is apparently normal. I’ve noticed a reduction in pain, and then increased energy the day after treatment. To be honest, it’s hard to see a big difference at this point because of the die-off I still have from other therapies. According to my nurse, in her experience, patients report a gradual increase of “better days.” If you have Lyme, I’m sure you know what she’s referring to : )

For anyone interested in my pharmaceutical/herbal therapy:

Main Antimicrobial/Anti-Fungal agents
Sida Acuta (herbal)
Japanese Knotweed (herbal)
Hottunyia (herbal)
Starting Mepron soon***

Neurological/Pain Help

Additional supplements/homeopathic are pretty much the same





2 thoughts on “Treatment Update

  1. Have you heard of DesBio Borrelia/Babesia? It was the last thing I took in my treatment plan that finally got me in remission. I was also recently able to ween off Zoloft for the debilitating panic attacks I was having.

    I really hope you are getting better by the day. This shit is beyond horrifying.

    elizabeth cameron



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