It’s no secret this journey isn’t easy. I’ve been up and down more times than I can count. This photo was taken a few weeks ago when I was horrifically ill – couldn’t breathe, bad tachycardia, stuttering, hobbling around with a non-functional left limb (all the fixings) … I only shared IMG_5607how much I was suffering with a few friends, as there are a select few that really “get it.”

I wanted to post today because life really CAN BE amazing. First of all, every single person I reached out to was so kind. Everyone texted back right away, offered to see me or speak with me. AND I was not only blessed with the kindness of friends, but also with the amazing understanding of a dedicated physician and team of medical staff. I felt seen and heard, and the doctor was able to get me breathing and my heart beating normally again within a day.

My life has also shifted again … for the better : ) I have more energy, which I attribute to the ozone therapy, and I have stabilized. I’m actually going back to work tomorrow! I haven’t had a regular job since 2014, so I’m beyond excited to start. So, I guess this goes to show that when you’re down and out, even though it feels like the ridiculousness is going to last forever, things can get brighter OH SO quickly.

Lyme is a rocky road, but I swear I wouldn’t change my life one bit. My level of gratitude is through the roof, and if I hadn’t become ill I wouldn’t know this level of happiness. Very thankful today.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. I’m so happy to hear you are on the up and up! One of my major and most uncomfortable symptoms is severe tachycardia. I’m curious, what did you doctor do to get yours under control?

    elizabeth cameron



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