The Girl Who Refused To Die

“I think you need to know that no matter how bad life gets, anything is possible.”

I agree Hannah! And your story illustrates that this is true … times 1000.

Take Aways:

  1. If you believe that quote … like really believe it and internalize it … it will manifest as reality.
  2. Find a passion like Hannah did with ceramics. Positive energy will surround you when you engage in it.
  3. Be an advocate for others. You will be empowered by helping individuals in similar situations.
  4. Hannah talked about the pride she felt in completing her ‘Queens Guide.’ Let yourself be proud of YOUR accomplishments during your struggles. Many people brush off what they have been able to achieve despite the odds. Toot your own horn, even if you toot it alone in front of the mirror in your closet.
  5. Don’t say “if” or “when” in reference to goals. Like Hannah says, goals are not “targets” because they WILL be met.