Leukemia Climb for 3 year old Colton

Leukemia Climb for 3 year old Colton at 23,406ft. A Four Seasons and Love, Hope, & Strength Story.
Colton (Left), Maggie (Colton’s Mother), Elly (Colton’s Sister)

Most inspirational stories wouldn’t exist without key supporters. By failing to recognize caregivers and important allies, we would miss the beauty behind life’s toughest battles. In the case of Colton Harrington, a three-year-old diagnosed with Leukemia, a special person is fighting for his recovery.

When Ryan Kushner learned of Colton’s diagnosis, he decided to raise money to help single mother, Maggie Marzonie, pay for her son’s treatment. As a mountaineer, Ryan creatively developed a way to help a boy in need while simultaneously pursing his passion: summiting insanely tall peaks. Along with a strong team of climbers, Ryan reached the 23,406ft peak of Lenin in Kyrgyzstan.

To read about Ryan’s ascent, please explore his site HERE.

To find out more information on Colton’s condition, or donate money, visit his  BLOG. This young boy will need roughly 3 years of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants.

Wishing strength and love to Colton, his family and friends. I am rooting for you!