Lymelight – The Story of Freeskieer Angeli VanLaanen and Her Battle Against Lyme

Angeli is an amazing freeskiier that made quite a comeback in Sochi 2014 after battling Lyme Disease. Along with being a brave advocate for others, she has developed a real name for herself in the Lyme community by starring in a documentary posted below. After watching the video, I decided that the word inspirational should be tattooed on her forehead (not that that would be a great look ; )).

The direct link to the video can be found at the bottom of the page, along with Angeli’s website: a great resource. My final rave review of this freeskiier goes out to her holistic plan of healing. She took the concept of wellness to another level. Congrats and wishing you luck in your future training, Angeli!

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