IV Ozone for Lyme – Health Update

I’ve continued to benefit from my biweekly trips to the clinic to receive IV ozone + UVB treatments. Despite a few sick days, I’ve managed to work full-time and am beginning to remember what it feels like to have a social life (minus the margaritas … boo). I still experience all the same symptoms, it’s just they feel more manageable. Infections (urinary and/or kidney) are less draining and I am not as overwhelmed when doing basic tasks like grocery shopping or cleaning my room. I can listen to music in my car again without going crazy and my brain, despite some fog rolling in every now and again with the stutters, is definitely back.

My doctor took me off the copious amounts of antibiotics. The doxy was making me toxic, and I had issues with facial burning, tachycardia and mood swings (depression, suicidal thinking fun). I noticed a big difference within the first week of stopping the drugs. I was able to function better. I didn’t feel like a flaming, hot crazy person.

I am now on a pulsed therapy of IV Rocephin every 5 days. I was nervous when I first started it because I had a temporary bout of blindness (lasted less than 2 hours) during one of my sessions in North Carolina in 2015. I get really nervous for this kind of stuff when it’s reintroduced. I’m much better at handling my anxiety, but I still get all antsy before … and I play the “what if I die?” game in my head … like “who would take care of my dog?” … “would someone water my plants at work?” that kind of thing.

But I’ve handled it just fine. We will most likely reintroduce some anti-parasitics and perhaps switch up the antibiotic regimen in another couple of months. Right now, I feel good about the therapy. And we are introducing multi-pass ozone therapy soon. This requires more blood be taken out of my body, and more ozone be introduced into my system. The machine is pretty awesome because it actually sucks blood directly from your vein and mixes it with the gas, then feeds it back into you. I’m used to the nurse at my other clinic using a syringe to retrieve the blood, then manually mixing it with gas that she puts into the IV bag herself. Multi-pass ozone is just so faaaaancy ; )

Let me know if you have any questions. Happy to be more detailed with my experience so far if you are thinking of doing it yourself.

Helping this girl move into her new home. Friend time = Best time.





IV Ozone


I haven’t written in a while. A long while. Man! I hit a wall. That’s why. I guess I got tired of detailing my treatments and progress because I realized I was stuck with all of this for longer than a couple of years (as evidenced by my lack of a social life and delicious bottles of merlot in the cupboard). Sickness is a way of life now. It eats with me, sleeps with me, runs and yogas with me, but it’s also my friend in that weird kind of way that an illness can be your buddy (??? I don’t know what I’m saying).

What has happened since I last wrote …

Hmmm. I was bit by a tick again in June 2016. That was just peachy. Wheelchair, oxygen, night sweats … the whole deal. Then I got better. Because that’s what I do. My mom helped a lot with that and a team of amazing health practitioners.

To address questions related to HBOT: I didn’t follow through with long-term treatment. I went in for about 20 dives. I didn’t notice much of a difference. But, really, I should have gone in for about 50-90 dives if I wanted to see something happen to my body. 

Right now I’m committed to IV Ozone therapy and UVB (in combination with a slew of drugs and natural treatments). 100% in! I will check back every few weeks or so. I just started, so there isn’t much to report. The nurse that I work with however is my main inspiration. She was disabled and out of work for 13 years due to similar infections. She is now completely in remission. She isn’t symptomatic, works full-time and got her life back completely.

On my list for when I’m better (and have a savings account again):

1. Backpacking in Swiss Alps

2. Van camping through New Zealand

3. Ice hiking in Patagonia

4. Snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef

5. Hostel hopping through Europe

6. Hiking the final leg of the Pacific Crest Trail

7. Learning how to windsurf

8. Surfing/Yoga retreat in Bali

9. Who’s with me?!!!!